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The EU countries (Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Finland, Austria, Britain, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland) and the United States, China, 13 countries, 32 units of the task group to declare the project "BRIDGE (Build Radio Frequency Identification Solutions for the Global Environment)" before the date of the the review will sign the contract on January 2006. Chinese goods center /EPCglobal China and Fudan University AutoID encoding laboratory as Chinese representatives participated in the project declaration. The time span of the "BRIDGE" project is five years and the total cost is expected to be 650 million euros.
The goal of the "BRIDGE" project is to carry out research, development and implement tools so that the application of EPC can be carried out in Europe. "BRIDGE" includes a series of business applications, technology research and development and promotion activities. Business applications will identify business opportunities, analyze needs, set up business cases, provide technical and standard support, and make clear the research area. At the same time, we will also carry out test application, evaluation and publication application guidelines. The technology group will carry out research according to the needs of the business application group, they will solve the technical problems, organization and policy problems, and their research results will be provided to the business group for guidance, implementation and application. In addition, a series of horizontal communication activities such as training, communication and publicity services will be provided so that EPC technology can be widely used in Europe and elsewhere. The project will submit hardware products and software products to meet the needs of end users. At the same time, experiments will be carried out to demonstrate the great charm of EPC. In addition, EPC will also carry out research on the impact of life and reshape business processes.

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